Best Way to Store and Care For Baseball Cards

Posted on March 16th, 2010 by Curtis in Baseball Card Collector Tips

Baseball card collecting has sure changed over the years. Kids used to buy a pack of cards, chew the gum they got from it, and hook up a card or two onto the spokes of their bicycle. Then they’d put the rest of the cards in their pocket until they got home. Then they’d just throw the cards in an old box or wrap them up with rubber bands.

Today that doesn’t happen a lot because of the value of some baseball cards. You have to protect your cards so they are worth more if you ever decide to sell them. It’s easy to store your cards if you buy a whole set in one box. You just leave it as it is and find a safe, dry spot to put the box. It doesn’t hurt to periodically check on them to make sure they’re okay.

A lot of people buy packs of cards or individual cards. If you get a card that is pretty valuable, keep it in a hard, non bendable plastic sleeve. Keep these kinds of cards in a fire proof safe or safe deposit box. All cards should first be put in a thin plastic sleeve. These are very inexpensive but will keep fingerprints and smudges off the cards. That’s very important.

Then you can display your cards in a plastic sheet that holds nine cards. These sheets are designed to be kept in a three ring binder. This is a nice way to protect your cards and have them available for display. It’s also easier to keep them in a special order of your choosing.

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